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全球通讯软件保密排名出炉 腾讯QQ微信垫底_leyu乐鱼体育App下载

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本文摘要:The worlds most popular messaging apps are failing to adequately protect users security and privacy, according to Amnesty International.据国际特赦的组织回应,世界上最热门的即时通讯软件于是以面对无法充份维护用户隐私和安全性的境地。


The worlds most popular messaging apps are failing to adequately protect users security and privacy, according to Amnesty International.据国际特赦的组织回应,世界上最热门的即时通讯软件于是以面对无法充份维护用户隐私和安全性的境地。Amnesty looked at 11 of the most popular messaging apps and found big variations in security. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp came out on top, with scores of 73 out of 100.国际特赦的组织仔细观察了11个最热门的即时通讯软件,找到了在安全性问题上的极大差异。


脸书手机即时通和WhatsApp坐落于前茅,在评分100分中获得了73分。For example in WhatsApp, the application uses very strong encryption, said Amnestys Sherif Elsayed-Ali led the research, who led the research. It does a very good job of telling people what kind of encryption it uses and how it protects peoples information.这项研究的负责人、国际特赦的组织的谢里夫·艾尔赛义德-阿里回应:比如说,在WhatsApp这个应用软件里用于了很强的加密法。在告诉人们他们用于了何种加密法以及如何维护人们的信息安全方面,这个应用软件做到得不俗。

Conversely, Skype — which is owned by software giant Microsoft — and Snapchat performed poorly.忽略,图片共享软件Snapchat以及软件巨头微软公司旗下的网络电话Skype展现出得并很差。They do not use end-to-end encryption, which is essentially a kind of encryption that means that only the sender and the receiver are able to read the messages, Elsayed-Ali said.艾尔赛义德-阿里说道:“他们没用于点对点的加密法,这种算法基本上只容许信息的发送者和接收者读书到信息。”Snapchat disputes Amnestys conclusions, and says privacy and security are foundation values.不过Snapchat对国际特赦的组织的这一结论明确提出了批评,相提并论隐私和安全性问题是他们“赖以创建的基础”。

Microsoft told VOA in a statement: Skype uses encryption and a range of other technical security measures, and we protect peoples privacy through legal challenges, advocacy, and strong policies to notify customers when we receive government requests for their data.而微软公司则在一份声明中向“美国之声”透漏:“Skype用于了加密法以及一系列技术安全措施,当政府拒绝我们用户的信息时,我们也通过法律发言、律师工作以及强硬态度政策来告诉用户。”At the bottom of Amnestys rankings was the Chinese firm Tencent, which owns the messaging apps WeChat and QQ. It scored zero out of 100.在国际特赦的名列中,垫底的是中国网络公司。微信和QQ都是旗下的即时通讯软件。它们的分数是0分。